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How to Become a Real Estate Investor - The FAST Way!

While most people want their situations to change for the better, a lot of times they’re not willing to pay the price for that change. Learning how to invest in real estate can be a long and costly road, but the wealth that can be created can bring reward that lasts generations!

Some of you are here for entertainment purposes only. I get it. Real Estate investing can be an exciting spectator sport, with its own set of adventures, treasure hunts, train wrecks and triumphs. But this article, unlike all of our other articles, is not for the passive reader.

This article is for the misfits, those of you who fancy themselves as round pegs in square holes. Those of you who come here to learn so that you can break free of the life you are trapped in. Who know they could accomplish more if only someone would show them how.

I’m here today to offer that hand up. It’s not going to be easy, and will come at great cost, but it’s a journey I would never undo in my own life because of the freedom it awards me on a daily basis.

So if you clicked on this article to be entertained, consider this your “red alert”! Head to the escape pods and abandon ship now! Seriously. Don’t get mad at me in the comments if you’re not being honest with yourself. Here’s a very entertaining fix and flip before and after video for you to watch.

Go on! It’s ok... I’ll wait.


Ok, if you’re still here, I’m trusting that you are a Dorothy, wanting to pull back the curtain in Oz, or a Neo, ready to take the red? pill.

Acquiring My Wealthy Mindset

When I was 27 years old, I was working a sales job in my home town of Salt Lake City. I was making about $40k per year working at the Apple Store, living in a two bedroom apartment. I was the average American! And I should have been happy. But it wasn't.

The reason I wasn't happy was because earlier on in my life, when I was 20, 21, I set a goal for myself that when I'm 30 I want to be a millionaire. AND, by the time I'm 35 I want to make a million dollars in a calendar year. Here I was 27 years old, much closer chronologically to the goal than I was financially, and I didn’t know where to turn or what to do to change it.

So, I got kind of nervous. I started looking around my industry and realized that no one was performing at the level I wanted to. I had no mentor. I bought every book I could find, watched every biography and TED Talk that I could find on wealthy individuals. I wanted to get inside of their heads. I wanted to know what time they woke up in the morning, what they ate for breakfast, and what their average day looked like. I wanted to copy every step of what they did, figuring that if I copied them exactly, I could get the same results!

What I learned, I compiled into a book, and I published my book in 2015. It's called “Mindset to Millionaire”, which became a 4 times number one best seller on Amazon.

In summary, I learned that everything I was taught in Elementary School, Middle School, High School and even College was designed to make me AVERAGE! The wealthy didn’t go to school so they could get a job. They went to school to LEARN! And when they were done with school they continued to seek out knowledge to help them become business owners and investors.

I learned that while Employee Mindset individuals were taught that money is scarce and the only currency to seek, the Wealthy prioritized their time, knowledge and relationships higher than they did money, as those things will bring an abundance of money into your life and business.

I learned about the 4-pillars of wealth - Taxes, Banking, Business and Real Estate - and that in them were systems that could be leveraged to acquire anything you want in life.

I learned that any skill can be learned, but requires an investment of time and resources and intense focus to become expert at it. So I sought out knowledge.

At the age of 27, with an annual salary of $40,000/year, I spent nearly $30,000 from newly-acquired credit cards, on business and real estate investing training and coaching. At the time it was an incredible risk. And it was done in spite of an overwhelming amount of fear, and with disapproval from the ones I loved most in my life. Nonetheless, I did it, and it turns out - It was the best decision I have ever made.

Here’s the thing. While YOU are one of the few left reading this article because of your desire to change your situation, that desire may not be enough to spark motivation, and then action to change. What I’m going to show you next WILL, in fact, cause even more of you to click away. And that’s ok. I’m only looking for the few who are really inspired by what I’m teaching here.

If you want change in your life, then you are going to have to ACCEPT change! You will not be able to take on something bigger and better without sacrifice. Sacrifice of time, money, credit - IN the pursuit of knowledge. Because the question is not whether or not real estate investing CAN be done. Plenty of people out there, myself included, are doing it and doing well at it - so IT CAN BE DONE! The question is whether or not you will make the sacrifices required to learn how to do it!


Here’s your shot:

EPX Wealth Building Platform

I'm pleased to introduce you to our advanced Wealth Building education platform called “EPX” (pronounced "EPIX"). This is the EXACT SAME program that Maeli and I learned how to become successful business owners and Real Estate Investors from.

EPX is hosted by a national group of elite real estate investors. We're educated investors. And, in line with the principles of the Relationship Currency, we share everything. We share capital, money partners, we share contractors and relationships, we share training and education and knowledge.

There is no better and faster way that I have found to dive into the dream of real estate investing, and we only have one bar for entry: knowledge. You just need to be an educated investor. Mostly because I don't want to work with the debt investor or the move-in investor. If you’re going to go out and do deals, I want to know that you're not going to over leverage your property and eliminate your exit strategies, if something were to happen. I also want to know that you're not going to extend the timeline because you decided to move your family into it. I want to work with educated investors. And I want to be confident in knowing that and so does the rest of the community. So, your requirement is that you need to be educated.

Now, what does that look like? EPX is a vault of over 500 hours of online trainings taught by successful real estate investors from around the country. We fly these folks in and they record and re-record their classes on a regular basis. For example, I've been a part of this group for just under ten years, and I've seen ten iterations of the tax and legal class, taught by renowned accountant, attorney and author, Mark Kohler. In fact, we just underwent one of the largest tax reforms in the last 50 years, right? Well, we brought Mark Kohler back in and he recorded the tax class. And the reason is the pursuit of knowledge is ongoing for the Wealthy. Just because I'm out doing this stuff now, doesn't mean that the new laws and strategies are automatically downloaded into my brain. I continually have to update my education and my knowledge.

Now look, flying successful real estate investors in from around the country to record these classes is not cheap. So, there's a cost that goes along with this. And that cost is $26,000.

Now do you see why I said I would lose even more of you? Who clicked on this article totally ready to drop 30 grand today?

You know why your initial reaction is fear? Because you're looking at it thinking: “I make like 60 grand a year this guy wants me to spend half of it?!”

No. I'd be a hypocrite if that's what I wanted. You keep the job money. I don't want that. Couldn't we use one of these four pillars, or all of the four pillars? To make it worth it. I mean, how many fix and flips would you have to do to make this worth it? One? Then the rest is cream... Even if the only value you got out this was the speed banking strategy, and you were able to pay off your mortgage and debt in 5-7 years instead of 30, wouldn’t the savings of potentially hundred of thousands of dollars in interest make this worth it?

This is how Maeli and I learned how to go out and do the things you’ve seen us do on our YouTube channel and other outlets. I’ve personally walked the walk, and believe in this program. It changed my life, and my children’s lives - and it can change yours too.

So what does $26,000 get you? You pay once and you get life-time access to the trainings, all the updates and any new classes that are released are yours at no extra charge - FOR LIFE.

You get 12 coaching sessions with MY coach and mentor (who coached me) - Gavin McCaleb!

You also get access to Mitch and Maeli Live, where we offer support and answer real estate investing questions on a weekly basis.

Monthly live workshops with the EPX Instructors.

Bi-annual destination trainings in some of the most exotic places in the world.

Not to mention the opportunities that will arise from being a part of a national community of educated Real Estate Investors.

Morpheus and Neo

So now it’s time to decide. You can take the blue pill and continue down the same path you’re one, but you will continue to get the same results.

OR - you can take the red pill, come down the rabbit hole with me and my team, and change your life!

If you chose the blue pill, don’t worry! If you’re not interested in this, we’re still going to be providing amazing content! This is just a way for you to fast track your process and turn this into a career path for yourself.

But if you chose the red pill, you’ll want to click the button below, fill out a small form and schedule a one-on-one phone call with me directly. Don’t worry - no payment will be collected during this process - Come talk to me, ask your questions, and then you can decide if real estate investing is for you or not. To reward you for your decision to start down this path, I will reward you with a free copy of my best-selling book, “Mindset to Millionaire”, a $20 value, just for scheduling your call!


Well, that’s all I have for you today! I told you this article was going to be different. No matter what you decided, I look forward to seeing you in the next article!

Of course, I’m not your attorney or your accountant, so I can’t give you legal or tax advice. These are just some of the things that I’ve picked up along the way and have found success with. There are always risks in any of these strategies, so make sure you’re educated before you go out and try any of them on your own!

Again, thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon. See you on the Flipside.

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