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The "Off Market Deals On Tap" Mini-Course & Toolkit includes:

  • 3+ Hours or Video Training

  • Calculators to analyze those deals like a pro

  • Essential real estate forms to get deals done

  • White papers to expand your knowledge

  • and SO MUCH MORE…

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Other Investor Mini-Courses & Toolkits

Real Estate Investor Mini-Courses & Toolkits

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Becoming a real estate investor, our taking on a new investing strategy isn't the easiest thing in the word - if it was everyone would do it! Give yourself an advantage with kits and courses designed to fast track your learning!

  • Comprehensive courses designed to augment your knowledge around specific investing strategies

  • Ditch the guesswork, unlock profits! Our real estate investor tools crunch numbers instantly, optimize deals, and fuel smarter decisions. Invest with confidence, leave guesswork behind.

  • Streamline deals, avoid headaches! Our pre-built real estate forms ensure accuracy, expedite processes, and save you valuable time. Focus on investments, not paperwork.

  • Conquer your deals! Our real estate worksheets guide analysis, track progress, and map your investment journey. Simplify decisions, maximize returns.

  • Build your real estate investing business with a collaborative learning experience controlled by you, that you can access anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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All Investor Mini-Courses & Toolkits 
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Morgan Uses Real Estate Investing to Fund Her Dream

Real Estate Investing Allowed Parrish to Care for His Terminally Ill Wife.

Stephanie Invests in Real Estate as a Stay-At-Home Mom


Daine Clark:

See how Daine transformed from Roofer/Apple Store Employee to Retired Real Estate Investor in just a few years...

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